Unit - I

Srini Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., was established in 1995, It is fully integrated global pharmaceutical company, located just about 60 KMs away from the Pharma Capital of India, Hyderabad. Our manufacturing facility has five fully equipped, production blocks with exceedingly efficient and functional utilities including Steam, Chilled Water, Nitrogen Generation, Cooling Water, Vacuum and Compressed Air, with multiple clean rooms, which have the ability to produce 10 multiple APIs at a time.

The state of the art manufacturing facility, with central quality control Laboratory with all the required analytical instrumentation. The facility is spread over 64 acres (26.1 Hectares) with greenery over 50 acres and built-up area is about 165,000 Sq. ft. All production blocks are inline with GMP requirements, equipped with independent product line with crystallizer and powder processing facilities for pharmaceutical ingredients. All clean rooms are class 100, 000 compliant.

There are five production blocks (PB-I, PB-II, PB-III, PB-IV & PB-V) with a total capacity of 307.04 KL available for production. Warehouses (Raw Materials, Intermediates, APIs), underground solvent storage tanks. QC Laboratories (In process, Raw materials, Intermediates, APIs, Stability and Microbiology). R&D laboratories.

Spray Drier is available with a capacity of 20Kg/Hour. Built up in a dedicated facility, the equipment and accessories are made from SS-316. Equipped with a dedicated Nitrogen plant, total process is controlled through automation using SCADA (Supervisory Controls and Data Acquisition).