The Srini engaged a dedicated team for Contract Research and Manufacturing Services (CRAMS) to do services for Custom Synthesis, Process R&D, Scale-up, Contract manufacturing of API's, Advance Intermediates, key Building blocks and for NCEs from early phase development to commercialization stage. Synthesize specially designed molecules or analogues for lead generation and lead optimization from milligrams to kilograms.

Our services:

  • Contract research & development of APIs/Building blocks:
    Technology Development & Confidential Tech Transfer of process, exclusivity depending on initial terms & conditions with the customer.
  • Contract Manufacturing of Products as per Tech Transfer by the Customer:
    This includes in-house manufacturing of the product adhering to the transferred technology by the customer, under highly restrictive confidentiality agreement.
  • Contract research & Manufacturing in-house:
    Complying with the requirements of the customer, we design & develop, analytical data & stability data and further scale-up it to the manufacturing scale